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Joanne Chrobot, President KnowledgeWorks Global Inc


Joanne is the President of KnowledgeWorks Global Inc, a Speaker, Health Consultant, Personal Coach and Consultant, Master Extended Remote Viewer, and the Toronto City Leader for Remote Viewing.


KnowledgeWorks Global Inc. is the brainchild of a woman committed to helping others discover their own potential for creating a compelling life. Joanne Chrobot is inspired to be inspiring, to everyone around her. The combination of a dynamic, uplifting individual and a caring, creative vision makes for a unique and impressive production that is "KnowledgeWorks Global Inc".

This mega-fest of new and fascinating information, from military know-how for remote viewing by David Morehouse to sharper business sensibility by Donna Messer, promised to be and was a day of learning, connecting and taking steps towards empowering one's life through new, informed choices. Joanne has created a powerful platform for all attending to learn, network and take action.


Joanne has amassed hands-on experience in the events industry since 1992 when she worked with international motivational speaker Tony Robbins and his team of franchises and promoters. Traveling extensively across North America, from Toronto to Hawaii, to orchestrate these events, Joanne realized the impact that the presenters were having on her own life. This new awareness ignited a passion. She wanted others to be touched by these life-transforming presenters as she had been and still is to this day.


Joanne made a decision to make their intriguing messages available to a wider audience. Through focused intention and a tireless pursuit for what she believed in, "KnowledgeWorks Global Inc" was launched.


"We all seek something more from our lives. It may be improved health, better relationships, success in business or increased spirituality. I have made a commitment to help individuals find more of what they seek to create a deeper, fulfilled life through informed choices".

KnowledgeWorks Global and Joanne Chrobot promise to make you sit up and take notice of where you are in life!


Joanne Chrobot is available for Events and Personal Consultations.

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Laura Day


Laura is a New York Times Best Selling Author, Teacher and Healer.


Laura Day was born in New York City. The oldest of four children, she realized early that she had special way of seeing things. Laura, however, continued to follow a conventional path throughout her educational years. But as a young adult she participated in several scientific evaluations of extra-sensory perception which revealed her high degree of intuitive power. She began teaching intuition workshops and taking on various consulting jobs.


In 1996 Laura was a new mother who needed a way to make a living but still be home to raise her son. So she wrote a book: Practical Intuition, a New York Times bestseller. 133,000 hard copies flew off the shelf. Laura then signed a two-book deal that brought 1997's Practical Intuition for Success and her most recent, Practical Intuition in Love, a guide to finding a mate. Her work has helped mainstream intuition in the fields of business, medicine and science as well as personal growth.


Laura has been featured in many publications including New York Magazine, Bottom Line, Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire, and People magazines. She has appeared on The Oprah Winfrey Show, The View, Entertainment Tonight, Public Eye, and many other TV and radio shows.

"Laura Day writes with vision and very practical wisdom - but far more significantly to me, I have seen her live this message of love in action, day in and day out. She is the real thing."
- Wayne W. Dyer, Author


"Brilliant and practical. If you follow the suggestions in her book, it will be impossible for you to avoid unparalleled success and fulfillment."
- Deepak Chopra, Author


"The Circle takes fate and puts it in the hands of anyone who has the courage to dream".
- Nicole Kidman, Actress


"Intuition isn't mystical. It's a sort of background sense of how things should work; it's facts hidden in the brain. Intuition is logic. Laura Day guides you step-by-step through a systematic approach to getting in touch with this important faculty."
- Dr. James Watson, Nobel Laureate and co-discoverer of DNA


"I believe in the gut and I believe in Laura Day."
- Brad Pitt, Actor


"Laura Day is a remarkable woman with remarkable abilities. But for me, what is most remarkable about her is how she has taught me to believe in myself and my own intuition. As a woman and as a mother, I have seen Laura's commitment to educating people and releasing their fears. By creating a practical format like the one in this book, she teaches everyone to see how intuition works on all levels of our lives, and how we can take back our personal power ... instead of giving it away."
- Demi Moore


Laura Day is available for Events and Personal Consultations.

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Paul Pilzer


Paul Zane Pilzer is a world-renowned economist, a multimillionaire entrepreneur, a lay rabbi, a college professor and the author of five bestselling books.


Pilzer completed college in three years and received his MBA from Wharton in fifteen months at age 22. At age 24, he was appointed adjunct professor at New York University, where he taught for twenty consecutive years. While employed as Citibank's youngest officer at age 22 and its youngest vice p resident at age 25, Pilzer started several entrepreneurial businesses-earning his first $1 million before age 26 and his first $10 million before age 30. Over the past twenty years, Pilzer has started and/or taken public, more than five companies in the areas of software, education and financial services.


He was an appointed economic advisor in two presidential administrations and warned of the impending $200-billion savings and loan crisis years before official Washington was willing to listen-a story that he later told in the book Other People's Money which was critically acclaimed by the New York Times and The Economist magazine.


Pilzer's next book, Unlimited Wealth, explained how we live in a world of unlimited physical resources because of rapidly advancing technology. After reading Unlimited Wealth, the late Sam Walton, founder of Wal-Mart, said that he was "amazed at Pilzer's business capacity" and his "ability to put it into layman's terms." Pilzer then went on to write God Wants You To Be Rich. It explained how the foundation of our economic system is based on our Judeo-Christian heritage. This New York Times business bestseller was featured on the front page of The Wall Street Journal and on television shows ranging from 60 Minutes to First Person with Maria Shriver. It has been published in 18 languages.


Pilzer's newest bestsellers, The Next Trillion and The Wellness Revolution, expose our trillion-dollar food and medical industries and identifies a newly emerging "wellness" industry that will soon occupy an additional one-seventh, or "next trillion," of our economy-an industry in which the fortunes of the new millennium will be created.


Pilzer, a former commentator on National Public Radio and CNN, has appeared three times on the Larry King Live! television program and on the cover of several national magazines. He speaks live each year to approximately 500,000 people, and more than 10 million audio and video copies of his speeches have been sold.


He lives in Utah with his wife and children where they are avid snowboarders, mountain bikers and chess players.


Paul Zane Pilzer is available for Events and Personal Consultations.

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