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International Event & Seminar Management
Personal and Professional Development/Corporate Speaking, Training & Coaching

International Event & Seminar Management

Our Vision
Showcasing Visions Globally
Each one of us has a vision of the perfect event. We will make your vision become reality and plan the event to your heart’s desire!

Personal and Professional Development/Corporate Speaking, Training & Coaching

Our Vision
To inspire people to be extraordinary individuals
To inspire expanded horizons
To assist others to realize their full potential

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Community Contribution

We are feeding 560 families at Thanksgiving!

This is our 30th Anniversary running Basket Brigade Canada in the GTA!

Go here for more information  www.basketbrigadecanada.org

See information here …

Here is the YouTube video of our Basket Brigade a few years ago.  Enjoy watching it, please send it out to others and ask them like it and join us this year!

Watch our interview with Dorothy Guerra of Live Out Loud on YouTube

Here is a message from our Awesome Mayor of Mississauga, Bonnie Crombie! Thank you Bonnie!    Video Mayor of Mississauga

Looking forward to seeing you