Coordinate Remote Viewing

Coordinate Remote Viewing (CRV)

Date TBD in British Columbia

The CIA does it, Canada does it, as well as other countries around the globe. Various countries use this technology to spy on each other.

We use this technology to help others!

What if you could find a missing person?

Connect with those that have passed?

Create a new product to market?

The possibilities are infinite!

The definition of Remote Viewing = The learned ability to transcend time and space to travel, to view persons, places, things, events in the past, present and future. 

Phase I – Basic Coordinate Remote Viewing is our foundational course. Phase I is information based and introduces students to the Basic protocols of Stages I, II and III of Coordinate Remote Viewing (CRV). Coordinate Remote Viewing is defined by the Defense Department of the United States as “the learned ability to transcend time and space, to view people, places and things remote in time and space, and to gather information on the same”.

Phase I students learn to enter an altered state of consciousness, receive a set of encrypted coordinates, produce an ideogram (the first graphic representation of the target site), and decode the ideogram. Further, students learn to perceive textures, sounds, colours, taste, smells, temperatures, energetics and dimensionals from across time and space. With new and developing non-physical eyes the student perceives the target and sketches visual snapshots of distant and fleeting images.

Phase II – Intermediate Coordinate Remove Viewing completes CRV training and serves to open a new door into the CRV student’s soul. The protocols and structure of Phase I are carried forward into Phase II of CRV, and the structure is expanded to include the sensory perceptions of aesthetics, emotionals, tangibles, intangibles and even the process of recognizing one’s own conscious imagination. Sketches become detailed perspective drawings called renderings, and students often feel they have actually bi-located to the target site.

Dates & Times:                                                                                             Location:
Saturday, October 28, 2017 8:30 am – 9:00 pm                      Surrey  BC
Sunday, October 29, 2017     9:00 am – 6:00 pm

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