Here’s what people are saying about Joanne and KnowledgeWorks Global Inc.

“Joanne, thank you for the Board breaking event! I found it most powerful to see people who thought they could never break through a board or challenge in their life become most up lifted after they broke their board! It was an inspiring event! It was well organized, the energy there was fantastic! Thanks for the invite I will attend the next time I am in Canada! Until soon.”
Craig Richards, Senior Mentor, Anthony Robbins Companies

“It was a privilege to be a part of Joanne Chrobot’s board breaking presentation at the meeting of the Power Group in Toronto. What a fantastic experience it was to watch her empower so many people and witness them breaking through the barriers that had held them back for so long. Joanne is a Master Trainer, teacher that leads with her heart and she has a passion for life that is contagious. She inspired us all and truly walks her Talk. I would highly recommend her.”
John Lenberg, M.U.S.T. Team Manager, Anthony Robbins Companies

“Joanne is one of the most dynamic women that I know. Her passion, dedication and love of people is making a significant positive difference on this planet. When Joanne is in the room it lights up! Please don’t miss any opportunity you may have to experience her and her gifts.”
Serru Relunasun

“Well done. Oh!! Don’t forget to keep inspiring us all by being an ‘Outstanding Woman’. You are so significant to so many – even people you don’t know. Thanks for being you and delighting us. We’d love to use your celebration one day as an ‘Outstanding Woman’ on our new website.”
Michael and Marianna Whitenburgh, Centre of Excellence for Mind Empowerment. Opening the Power of Your Dormant Ancient and Sacred Heart℠ United Kingdom – Namibia – South Africa – Dubai

“Loved the seminar! I experienced the thrill of breaking through a board while confronting my own limiting beliefs. Joanne was fun, energetic and extremely knowledgeable. Life presents us all with challenges (personal and business) – having the right tools helps to turn these challenges into opportunities for growth. Continuous learning is the key! I would recommend this seminar to everyone!”
J.B., Mississauga, Ontario

“Know thyself…break a board! This isn’t just a metaphor–it’s real, introspective, and lasting.”
D. Ozden, Educator, Teacher

“I really enjoyed your talk and have to confess that I secretly felt like a kick ass warrior breaking my board!”
Z. Millar

“Awesome seminar last week. Good work, thanks, peace.”
C. Green

“The people, the atmosphere they created, and our leaders Laura and Susan. Joanne’s efforts throughout the conference is what made it such a success. She quickly and efficiently dealt with emergencies and her rapport with people helps her to instantly negotiate and ensure the smooth running of the conference from start to finish. It would not be the same to attend another conference with Laura Day or Susan Miller without Joanne’s diligence and attention to detail setting the pulse of the event.”
D. Bozzato

“The energy, strength and caring one & for all + Susan, Laura & Joanne!”
G. Galway, President, Langdon’s Coach Lines

“Meeting and learning from 2 great teachers. I had a great weekend and learned life changing information!”
N. Brier

“Meeting so many nice, present, like-minded women.”
J. Kron

“Speakers, the mix of speakers, Laura & Susan balanced each other in their intensity.”
E. O’Neill

“Laura’s & Susan’s energy, contribution and accessibility.”
S. O’Neill

“Seeing Susan & Laura listening, meeting other like-minded people.”
L. Wichman

“The energy of the group, the gifts from Laura and Susan’s teachings.”
R. Lamy